About the Firm 

Seven Arts Heritage Consulting, LLC (7A) was founded in the belief that the guiding principle of consultation is collaboration.   

7A understands that historic preservation–of both architectural and cultural heritage– is a multifaceted and multifactorial endeavor. Cognizant of the field’s far-reaching diversity, 7A is equipped to accommodate both large-scale community-based consensus building (at the macro level) and  individualized client branding (at the micro level).  And everything in between.  From project conceptualization to management to completion, 7A focuses on each step of any planned enterprise.  With the firm belief that a client’s creativity is of seminal importance to the success of a project (as opposed to more traditional consulting firm approach of top-down “expert knowledge” dissemination)  7A seeks to open meaningful creative dialogues with clients and their communities.      

Collaborative Consulting

Seven Arts Heritage Consulting, LLC recognizes profound changes in the realms of heritage management and historic preservation.  The science and art of consultation (a word derived from the Latin consultare, meaning “to discuss”) is rooted in the spirit of open discussion, interdisciplinary thought and cooperative engagement.

7A aims to return the control of interpretive design to its clients and users.  To consultare, to discuss.  New directions in the field call for a new type of consulting firm.  7A embraces the landscape of change by diversifying its services to fit the distinct needs of its individual clients.     

Reimagining the Seven Arts

In Late Antiquity, the seven Liberal Arts were defined as grammar, dialectic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.  During the Medieval Period, the seven arts were divided into the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy).

Contemporary society is defined by less rigid and more porous borders of thought and action.  Interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, crossdisciplinarity.  If the colonization of consultation has resulted in rote interpretation and passionless preservation, 7A aspires to bring “art” back to the building sciences, and the science of reason back into the arts.   The decolonization of discussion means a new era of expert advice, and perhaps, an end to myths of planning and preservation theory without substance.

When the theory fails, the physical end-products suffer.  Today, the seven arts can only be limited one’s imagination.  And now is the time for  new passion in preservation, sustainability in strategies, romance in research, and rising hope in our collective histories.

Synergy and Synthesis

Seven Arts Heritage Consulting, LLC reimagines a new synergetic synthesis of the art, philosophy and science of the built (and un-built) world.

In the spirit of evolving technologies and bold new directions (in heritage management and historic preservation), 7A looks ahead to the challenges of the future.  With a foot still planted in our classical past, 7A looks to celebrate the many modernisms of the Modern Era, while also exploring viable answers to the many questions posed by contemporary postmodern landscapes.