The (New) Seven Arts: An Introduction

Septem-artes-liberales_Herrad-von-Landsberg_Hortus-deliciarum_1180The (New) Seven Arts: An Introduction

To medievalists, higher education’s liberal arts were divided into the Trivium—the three roads—consisting of rhetoric, grammar, and logic; and the Quadrivium—the four roads— of music, astronomy, arithmetic and geometry.
Today, the seven arts pursue countless forking roads. These roads diverge, dead-end, wind, and unwind. The roads might be cobbled or macadamized or overgrown or muddy. Like all roads, however, they lead everywhere and nowhere. In some cases, the road may meander beyond conventional direction—moving sideways between east and west and north and south.

In my mind, the (new) seven arts consist of modern manifestations of age-old expressions. Each of the seven arts is equal: and each art can be equally divided (or subdivided) among endless themes and innumerably nuanced variations. This riot of difference and sameness creates a myriad of sometimes parallel and sometimes intersecting ideas.

Any attempt to distill the “arts” into seven neat categories must be be consigned to the dustbin of subjective esoteric irrelevance. After all, what is an art? Is the word itself a noun, an adjective, a verb? Can it be created or destroyed? Does art live; can art die? These are philosophical questions that may never be answered.

What is a blog? A place of musings in a void of over-information? A useful tool filled with tips and tricks? Of course, there are much more interesting and more profound things to read than a blog. This is a blog being born; words writing themselves into being. Posts with a general view of a nascent vision of a new kind of heritage consulting firm. One that aspires to learn from the old while building something new.

Creating a company and birthing a business is never clean. It is an organic process that must take root, grow, evolve, change.

As the resident 7A blogger (and, admittedly, having never written a blog before) I begin this blog with only a vague formulation of what the blog (and the company it ostensibly speaks for) may one day become. For now, all I know is this: blog posts for 7A will appear every 7 days, 4 times a month, 48 times a year. (This mathematical interlude was brought to you by the Number 7 and the Letter A, and might be considered the first—and perhaps—final trip down the Quadrivium’s ancient arithmetical road.)

Beyond the neat and clean schedule of blog posts above, the future of things will determine itself. The order of ideas will arrange itself, form a foundation, and eventually construct an architecture. In the beginning it will be messy and imperfect. In the beginning, everything is. And this is just the beginning.